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Bedroom suite Fairy
Bedroom suite Fairy
the set of furniture for a bedroom
the set of furniture for a bedroom

The set of furniture for a bedroom suite Fairy

The set of furniture for a bedroom suite Fairy is made in a unique architectural-decorative decision. The components of assembly-and-disassembly construction assemble on the euro tightening device (confirmate).
The set includes following goods:

A bed double bed, has metal framework, which gives additional rigidity and stability, side back has fashioned arched profile.

Size: 1992*1468*770 mm

Weight: 42 kg

The price:         Euros:   55.01 / 64.91
US Dollars:   59.85 / 70.62

A wardrobe a tree-door wardrobe with two sections. In the first one there is a support stick for clothes hangers, in the second there is shelves for linen. The mirror is fastened on the central door. The wardrobe is decorated with the arched cornice.

Size: 1328*770*2220 mm

Weight: 145 kg

The price:         Euros:   108.23 / 127.71
US Dollars:   117.75 / 138.94

Bedside tables (two items) with a niche and a section behind a wing door. The cover has fashioned rounded profile.

Size: 370*310*516 mm

Weight: 9 kg

The price:         Euros:   13.23 / 15.61
US Dollars:   14.39 / 16.98

A chest of drawers , . .

Size: 834*450*700 mm

Weight: 43 kg

The price:         Euros:   41.12 / 48.52
US Dollars:   44.74 / 52.79

Fashioned profiles of the goods (cornice of the wardrobe, side back of the bed, covers of bedside tables and a chest of drawers) are faced with C-frame PVC border. Doors of the wardrobe, back of the bed, drawers onlays are decorated with goldish ornate profile (molding).

Front fittings: rail handles (dull chrome)

Weight: 248.0 kg

The price (without / with VAT):         Euros:   197.41 / 232.95
US Dollars:   214.78 / 253.44
          CNY:   0.54 / 0.64

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