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More than 25 years unitary enterprise «SV CLASS» produces school furniture that meets the highest quality standards. The furniture is produced:

The basic rules for the selection and operation of school furniture

    Below are the necessary conditions that student furniture must meet to ensure the correct position of the body when sitting (in accordance with GOST 11015-2014, 11016-2014, ISO 5970):These requirements are met by purchasing school furniture of various growth groups (GOSTs 11015-93, 11016-93, 18314-93), in accordance with the table below or furniture, with height adjustment.

    Number of the furniture's growth groupRange of pupil growth, mmThe height of the table top, above the floor, mm)Seat height above the floor, mmColor of marking
    11000 - 1150460260Orange
    21150 - 1300520300Violet
    31300 - 1450580340Yellow
    41450 - 1600640380Red
    51600 - 1750700420Green
    7Over 1850820500Black

    Note: the growth of schoolchildren is measured in ordinary shoes. If you use the growth data, available in medical records of schoolchildren, then in this case you need to add 2 cm to the growth rate (for shoes).

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