The general information
The full name:the unitary private industrial-trade enterprise «SV Class»
Date of the foundation:16 May, 1995
Experience of school furniture production:since 1992
The founder:Sokolov Vladimir Feofanovich
The director:Selivanova Irina Konstantinovna
Working area: 3000 m2
Total number of employees:94 persons (1 Mart, 2012)
Kinds of activity:- Production of cabinet and frame furniture for schools and other educational establishments;
- Wholesale and retail furniture and components trade on cash or account;
- Production of house and office furniture that is custom-made
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The manager of the site:
Our address:Belarus,
Mogilyov region,
213804, Bobruisk,
Minskaya Street, 142-g.
Phone numbers: booking: (+375225) 72-56-26 (fax)
for Belarus only: (0225) 72-46-32 (fax)
Supply department: (+375225) 72-46-33

The registration certificate

The Mogilyov region executive committee

The certificate

of the state registration of the commercial organization

Mogilyov executive committee made a decision on 29 June, 2000 ¹ 15-24 and registered
The unitary private industrial-trade enterprise «SV Class» In the United state register of legal entities and entrepreneurs for 700286688

The chairman of the region executive committee, 17 July, 2000.

The founder:SOKOLOV Vladimir Feofanovich
Mobile phone number Velcom: (+37529) 635-16-88
The director:Selivanova Irina Konstantinovna
Phone number: (+375225) 72-47-07
For Russia: (8-10-375-225) 72-47-07

Bank details
  Closure of deals on furniture delivery with residents of the Russian Federation îñóùåñòâëÿåòñÿ is carried out through our trade representation in the Russian Federation — LLC «SV Class», with residents of other countries of the contract it is concluded directly from unitary enterprise «SV Class».
For account
in the Belarus roubles (BR):
unitary enterprise «SV Class», Resident of RB
ITN 700286688, ÎÊPÎ 28321852
The Bobruisk branch of JSC "Belinvestbank"
Bobruisk, MFO 153801721
s/a 3012203410019

For account
in the Russian roubles (RUB):
unitary enterprise «SV Class», Resident of RB
ITN 700286688, ÎÊPÎ 28321852
s/a in roubles of the Russian Federation: 30111810800000000154
to the Savings Bank of Russia, Moscow
TPN 7707083893 BIC 044525225
s/a 30101810400000000225
For the Bobruisk branch of JSC "Belinvestbank"
Bobruisk, MFO 153801721
unitary enterprise «SV Class», s/a 3012203418011

For account
in US dollars (USD):
unitary enterprise «SV Class», Resident of RB
ITN 700286688, ÎÊPÎ 28321852
Swift code ÂKTRUS33
Account ¹ 04-098-340
For the Bobruisk branch of JSC "Belinvestbank"
Bobruisk, ÌFÎ 153801721
unitary enterprise «SV Class», s/a 3012203415027


Our enterprise was founded on 16 May, 1995 and was called the Bobruisk enterprise «SV Class». On 17 July, 2000 it was re-registered and then named the Unitary private industrial-trade enterprise «SV Class» (in abbreviated form — UE «SV Class»).

Unitary enterprise «SV Class» produces school furniture in wide assortment. It furnishes completely educational establishments with student's, laboratory and table furniture, and also produces repair complete sets for school furniture. See the general information about school furniture of "SV Class".

From 2002 till 2005 the working staff increased from 15 to 55 employees (1 January, 2006), and the embracing area used for school furniture production — from 317 to 825 m2. During 2006 the staff grew in 1.5 times and on 1 November, 2006 it constituted 85 people. At that moment 122 people work at the enterprise.

Since 2002 website has been operating, and the present russian version is the third.

In 2005 unitary enterprise «SV Class» became a member of the Belarus commercial and industrial chamber. The enterprise dynamically develops and expands school furniture production, takes an active part in exhibitions and develops new markets.

In 2007 legal address of unitary enterprise «SV Class» was changed. Now it is 213804, Bobruisk, Rogachyovskaya Street, 37-B.

«SV Class» on a map
Our new address:the Republic of Belarus,
Mogilyov region,
213804, Bobruisk
Rogachyovskaya Street, 37-B

On a map of Belarus
On a map of Belarus

On a map of Bobruisk
On a map of Bobruisk

school furniture from Belarus Unitary Enterprise «SV CLASS»
Belarus, Bobruisk
Phone: (+375-225) 72-56-26 (fax)


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